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  X-15: The Edge of Space
X15 The Edge of Space

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X-15: The Edge of Space

Frequently cited as the most prolific aeronautical test program ever flown, the X-15 pushed the boundaries of altitude and speed as never before. This 3-DVD set presents the most complete collection ever assembled of the X-15 flight program, with rare footage from over 50 (of the 199) specific flights, documentaries, engine testing, suit testing, and more. Over 10 hours of rare material. As always, Spacecraft Films made new, digital transfers of the archival film, and for much of this set the 35mm color film shot of the program yielded stunning footage that looks as if it were shot yesterday. An incredible collection that also includes audio commentary from members of the X-15 project

Detailed Description:DISC 1

The X-15 (NASA HQ-28) - Documentary produced surrounding the first flights of the X-15. (26:37) Pathway to the Stars - NASA documentary on flight test of the X-15. (20:00)Bill Dana Presentation - Overall summary in 1988 of the X-15. (42:34)Aeronautics and Space Report - Recap of X-15 program in 1980 with Joe Engle. (4:30)Research Project X-15 (NASA HQ-79) - NASA documentary from around the time of the 120th flight as a summary of the X-15 project to date. (27:30)NAA Annual Report - 1960 North American Aviation annual report - detailing the progress to date of the X-15 program. (17:11)Windtunnel Testing - Footage featuring windtunnel testing and testing at the free flight facility during development of the X-15. (25:08)Pilots - Footage from a photo op featuring the first X-15 pilots. (6:35)XLR11 - Static testing of the XLR11 engine(s). (12:22)XLR99 - Static testing of the XLR99 engine. (4:57)Windblast Testing - Rocket sled testing of the effects of windblast on the pressure suit. Crossfield Simulator - Scott Crossfield operating the X-15 simulator.Rollout - Footage from the original X-15 rollout.A2 Rollout - Footage from the rollout of the X-15A-2.Pressure Suit - Demonstration of suiting up in the MC-2 pressure suit.


Flight Test Program - Contains footage from approximately 40 of the 199 test flights of the X-15. Footage varies per flight, but can include from the following: prep, takeoff, onboard exterior, onboard interior, pilot observation, landing, post-flight activities.Partial listing of flights:First Captive, 1-1-5, 1-10-19, 1-17-30, 1-18-31, 1-20-35, 1-22-37, 1-24-40, 1-25-44, 1-27-48, 1-74-130, 1-A-3, 2-1-3, 2-13-26, 2-14-34, 2-17-33, 2-18-34, 2-19-35, 2-20-36, 2-21-37, 2-27-47, 2-28-48, 2-51-92, 3-3-7, 3-4-8, 3-63-94 plus additional flights.


Ablator Flights - Preparation of the X-15A-2 and application of the Martin ablator, rollout, captive and two flights of the white X-15, including the 6.7 mach X-15 flight, with footage of the damage after the flights. (1:20:00)Flight #74 - Footage surrounding flight 2-31-52, the crash on 11/9/62 which seriously damaged the aircraft and injured the pilot. Includes onboard exterior, pilot observation and cockpit panel footage. (33:23)Flight #191 - Footage surrounding flight 3-65-97, the crash of 11/15/67 which killed Michael Adams and destroyed aircraft #3. Includes cockpit panel and onboard exterior footage. and reconstruction of forces film on X-15 model.X-15 30th Anniversary NASA Presentation - Activities surrounding the 30th anniversary of the X-15, presented by NASA. (1:35:00)

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