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Apollo 13: "Houston - We've Got A Problem"
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200,000 miles from Earth, an explosion rips through the Apollo 13 spacecraft. It is April 13, 1970, and what began as a thrilling journey to the Moon for astronauts James Lovell, John Swigert and Fred Haise - just became a mission of survival. When the system alarms began going off, they were over half-way to the Moon. For six days, the world watched breathlessly in hopes that three of America's finest young men could pilot a crippled spacecraft around the Moon and back to Earth. No Hollywood actors here - this is the real men and the real story! Watch and listen as the astronauts and Mission Control play out a true-life drama in this historical film produced by NASA not long after the near-tragic mission. Released 11/05 SPECIAL FEATURES:
  • Apollo Missions Quiz
  • Apollo Photo Album
  • The Mission of Apollo-Soyuz This is NASA's historical film on the 1975 Apollo-Soyuz Mission. In the midst of the cold war, the United States and the Soviet Union put aside political differences to launch a joint mission into space.
  • Mercury, Gemini, Apollo Overview An Oldie but a Goodie! This historical NASA film gives an excellent overview of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo spacecraft programs, effectively tracing America's space race to the moon. From the original seven astronauts to spectacular Apollo 17, this program features good quality archival footage of an important chapter in American history
  • 1 Lift Off
  • 2 “Houston, We Have a Problem”
  • 3 Lost Fuel Cells
  • 4 Orbiting the Moon
  • 5 Survival
  • 6 Re-Entry Preparations
  • 7 Safe Landing
  • 8 “A Successful Mission”
  • 68 minutes running time
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    Apollo 13: "Houston - We've Got A Problem"