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The Astronaut's Cookbook

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The Astronaut's Cookbook Have you ever wanted to know what the astronauts eat when they’re in space? Now, you can do better than that! You can actually make what they eat in your own kitchen! You will learn about the history of the space program, space food preparation methods, and even get to know many of the astronauts that have dined in space. Did they find the food appetizing? What did they miss most when they were in space? How did NASA try to improve the food over the years? If there’s no bread, then eat cake. Some say this diet plan would satisfy everyone’s dreams. But up in space there are many more challenges to consider. Yet, with the potpourri of space farers from across the globe and all their unique culinary tastes, it’s not surprising that space flight excels with special treats. Charles Bourland and Gregory Vogt’s cookbook , The Astronaut’s Cookbook – Tales, Recipes, and More acknowledges this and serves up the directions for many culinary delights. Space-flight challenges are well known. Cramped quarters, lack of fresh air and non-existent cooking equipment turns every normal kitchen duty into a trial. This book shows how NASA rose above these challenges to provide flavour, texture and safety during the many meals that can span a traveler’s repetitive months in space. But, this book is called a cookbook for a reason. Though it provides great detail on the issues regarding food selection, most of the book consists of actual proven recipes. Even with a typical NASA batch constituting hundreds of pounds of material so as to make samples for testing, evaluating and using, this book aims for normal family size servings of about 6 to 10. Delicious sounding treats like Skylab Butter Cookies, Space Shuttle Black Beans and Leroy Chiao’s Chinese Cold Peanut Noodles pop out from the pages.
  • A first of its kind, this truly unique book is a mix of NASA lore, legend, diet information, and space food facts
  • The author has many years of experience in NASA food technology programs and makes these recipes as authentic as possible
  • Includes favorite recipes of astronauts obtained by the authors
  • Authors: Bourland, Charles T., Vogt, Gregory L.
  • Plastic Comb: 212 pages
  • Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (October 29, 2009)
  • Language: English
Cook your own NASA space food, including some astronaut favorites from the Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs. Buy this cookbook for space food tales and recipes.
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The Astronaut's Cookbook