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Astrojax Blue Diamond
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Astrojax Blue Diamond As part of NASA's Toys in Space program, astronauts on the International Space Station played with a set of Astrojax in 2002. Asked whether Astojax works in space, astronaut Peggy Ann Whitson said: "Astrojax are actually a lot of fun here in space too" and went on demonstrating the toy. And it worked indeed! It kept spinning even after it was let go and floated beautifully through space. The Blue Diamond is a Saturn version Astrojax with all blue, supercharged LED�s! Its construction is nearly identical to the Saturn (see Saturn Astrojax description), but it boasts brighter, all blue LED�s. Three Saturn batteries per ball are included. Incredible displays of light trails are waiting to be discovered or photographed. Use the continuous mode to create linear trails of intense blue light. Or use the strobe/disco setting to see and create thrilling bright blue scattered patterns of light. This Astrojax is so bright it can almost be used as a flashlight! The included string is a neon day glow orange edition. It is ultra sensitive to black light, causing laser-like string effects. Even without the use of a black light, the string will pick up a trace amount of light from each ball. Each set of Astrojax comes with an aj-dos (Astrojax Docking Station). This cool holder allows the player to carry or store their Astrojax. Wrap the string neatly around aj-dos and keep in a pocket or even on your belt. Or use the loop-through hole and wear around your neck. The tip of the aj-dos allows the player to switch the lights between off, continuous mode, and disco mode.
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Astrojax Blue Diamond