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Can.Do Apollo Command Module and Lunar Lander
Item #: CandoCommandLunar

SALE PRICE: $10.95

Can.Do Miniature Command Module and Lunar Lander Once free of its Saturn V launch vehicle, the Apollo Command Service Module (CSM) "Columbia" performed an intricate nose-to-nose docking maneuver with the spider-like "Eagle" Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) in preparation for the Moon landing. It was the LEM which would actually land on the Moon's surface, while the CSM remained in lunar orbit. The LEM was a two-man craft, piloted by Astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin and Mission Commander Neil Armstrong; the third Apollo 11 crewmember was Astronaut Michael Collins, who remained aboard the CSM to guide his fellow explorers back home. This Can.Do Miniature of the Command Module and Lunar Lander is highly detailed and can be attached. They can also be separated as well. Together, they are approximately 4".
CanDo miniature Command Module and Lunar Lander at our NASA store. This 4" miniature is highly detailed and can be attached as well as separated.
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Can.Do Apollo Command Module and Lunar Lander