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Celebrating 50 Years of Americans in Space Commemorative Patch
Item #: MP-50AMERICA2011


CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF AMERICANS IN SPACE This is a new patch designed by Tim Gagnon. It honors and celebrates America's achievements in space. In 1961 two countries began what came to be known as the Space Race - the USSR and the USA. Its goal was to showcase to the world the technical prowess of each country. On May 25, 1961 the American President challenged his nation to “land a man on the Moon and return him safely to Earth.” That goal was met on July 24, 1969. The knowledge gained from that achievement led to learning how to "live and work in space" towards the goal of returning to the Moon to stay and one day explore the surface of Mars. The central elements are representations of our past and current achievements. The US Flag on the surface of the Moon and the International Space Station in orbit above the Earth. The Astronaut Symbol, representing every American who has flown in space connects the two achievements. The emblems of every past manned space program from Project Mercury to the Space Shuttle surround the center paying tribute to the men and women who made those programs possible and a success. The seven star constellation "Aquila." which means "Eagle" honor the original seven astronauts as well as the final crews of Challenger and Columbia. The three stars together in the upper left honor the crew of Apollo 1.
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Celebrating 50 Years of Americans in Space Commemorative Patch