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Creating Space
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Creating Space The Story of the Space Age Told Through Models The Heavens - and trying to get there - have always intrigued man, and have been included in our artwork throughout all of history. In recent years they have been the subject of countless books, articles, radio and television shows and films, and have more and more featured the practical method of achieving these dreams - Spaceships. Creating Space takes us on a journey through the history of the space age, up to the present and beyond. From the advent of the "space race" with the V-2 rocket of World War II to the International Space Station and the future, a complete and detailed chronicling of vehicles is given, side by side with pictures and details of models that depict the multitude of aircraft and spacecraft developed throughout the world. In addition, extensive appendices provide details of all of the space-related models ever made and the many manufacturers and distributors who have supplied them - all in the words of an experienced professional insider. Mat Irvine worked in the BBC Visual Effects Department for 20 years, contributing to many projects including Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Edge of Darkness, the various NASA flights, and many science and space-oriented documentaries and programs. Creating Space is presented in 12 chapters which logically group together the history, the vehicles and the models into logical and meaningful categories. This book will be equally valuable to space enthusiasts, modellers, and space historians.
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Creating Space