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DVD, Solar Journey: A Galactic Tour of the Milky Way & Beyond
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SOLAR JOURNEY takes you on a breathtaking tour through the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond using real data from Earth and space-based observatories. Explore the far reaches of the sun's influence and visit the secret heart of the Milky Way galaxy, where a cluster of massive stars is held captive by a black hole. Witness the spectacular radiation rainbow that surrounds the ancient supernova known as Loop I. Pass by planetary systems and then fly out to our nearby sister galaxy Andromeda, where the Milky Way Galaxy is revealed as a tiny way station in the vast emptiness of space. Finally, return home to Earth as you may not have seen it before: safely cradled in the striking cocoon of the solar wind. Produced by Finley-Holiday Films with Indiana University Research & Technology Corp. and the University of Chicago. Released 10/06
  • Galactic Quiz
  • Space Photo Gallery
  • Sounds of Space
  • Galactic Symphony - Music Video
  • On Robot Wings - Flying thru Our Solar System
  • 1 The Familiar Sky
  • 2 The Galactic Center
  • 3 Retreat to the Sun
  • 4 A Visit to Andromeda
  • 5 Supernova SN1987A in the Large Magellanic Cloud
  • 6 Nebulae in the Constellation Orion
  • 7 Multispectral Images of the Whole Sky
  • 8 “Loop 1” Supernova Remnant
  • 9 The Heliosphere
  • 10 Our Sun: Corona, Magnetosphere, and Aurora Borealis
  • Runtime: 54 Minutes
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DVD, Solar Journey: A Galactic Tour of the Milky Way & Beyond