Zero Gravity Fisher Space Pen

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Fisher Zero Gavity Space Pen. 

The Zero Gravity space pen is a general favorite to all people. It is the beefiest (or largest) circumferencd space pen in the product line. The bullet has a very discreet triangular 3-sided design that gives the user writing comfort and control. People with large hands enjoy a wider writing instrument. A VERY strong tensile strength on the clip ensures the Zero Gravity will NOT fall out of a thin dress shirt pocket or even a thick nylon back pack. The zero gravity space pen is a single-hand operation with the plunger mechanism at the top of the pen.. Great Space Pen!

  • Writes underwater
  • Writes upside down and at any angle
  • Writes twice as long as other roller ball pens
  • The most dependable, reliable, and versatile pen in the world
The Fisher Space pen ink cartridge is the key to its superiority. It is pressurized with 35 pounds per square inch of gas. This pressure pushes on the sliding float ball allowing our unique thixotropic ink to flow smoothly in the tungsten carbide ball.


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