Apollo 11 45th Anniversary Limited Edition Flown Kapton Foil Pen

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This amazing, hand-made and Limited Edition Apollo 11 Executive Pen commemorates the 45th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. Encased within the Acrylic Tip is a piece of Kapton Foil that was flown aboard the Apollo 11 Command Module ''Columbia'' in 1969.

These Executive-Grade Pens are expertly hand crafted using Semi-Precious Gemstones which gives them the weight and feel of true quality - a fitting tribute to the legendary Apollo 11 mission. Patience is a virtue here as each pen takes hours upon hours to hand-make and engrave, with every attention paid to the magnificent level detail required.

Your Apollo 11 Pen:

  • Individually Hand-Made 
  • Made of Semi-Precious Black Gemstones
  • Has 24ct Gold & Plantinum Accents
  • Lower Barrel Engraved in Gold with the famous ''Apollo 11 Flag'' Depiction
  • Lower Barrel Engraved in Gold with the ''Apollo 11'' Mission Inscription
  • Upper Barrel Engraved in Gold with the ''NASA'' Inscription
  • Gold Clip Engraved with the ''Apollo 11'' Mission Inscription
  • Contains a piece of Genuine, Flown Apollo 11 Command Module Kapton Foil
  • Comes ready for display in a Beautiful, Glossy, Solid Dark Redwood Box with a Soft Lining
  • The Inner Redwood Box is Engraved in Gold with the Apollo 11 Logo
  • The Inner Redwood Box is Engraved in Gold with ''Apollo 11 Flown Kapton Foil 45th Anniversary Pen, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, Made history on July 20, 1969''
  • Comes with a Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Limited to 50 Pieces Worldwide

About the Flown CM Kapton Foil:

To protect the fragile spacecraft from the extreme environment of deep space, a thin layer of material know as Kapton Foil, silver-coloured on the front with a gold backing, was attached to the outside skin of the Columbia Command Module. Because the foil was attached to the outside skin of the Columbia, its silver-coloured side was directly exposed to deep space.

What Makes This Pen So Special:

An expert level of patience, skill and talent goes into creating these wonderful pens.

Firstly, with the barrel material of the pens being both hard and brittle in its unfinished state, shaping them must be done slowly and carefully by turning them using traditional artisan techniques. Once the general shape has been achieved, the time consuming job of precision shaping becomes progressively finer, to a point where the barrels are cut by less than one thousandth of an inch at a time, until ultimately the perfect shape is achieved.

After the perfect shape has been achieved, the pen is engraved precisely and perfectly, after which a gold filling is applied to complete the design. Next comes the Kapton Foil encased in acrylic. The foil itself is carefully set within a block of acrylic, and once hardened, the large block is precision cut into strips and then painstakingly shaped and polished by hand. The pen is then assembled using the Gold and Platinum accents.

Lastly, a protective coat of Microcrystalline Wax is applied to the finished piece, which is then buffed and polished. This wax has a higher melting point than most human hands and is used to protect the piece. Microcrystalline Wax  is even used by the British Museum to protect their artefacts.


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