Apollo 11 Flown-in-Space Kapton Foil in a 'Press Kit' Presentation

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Apollo 11 Flown Kapton Foil in a 'Press Kit' Presentation

Very limited quantities. A slightly larger Kapton Foil in this same presentation was recently auctioned for $4,000!

This Flown Apollo 11 Kapton Foil is a generous sized, 1/2" x 1/2". It was removed from the heat shield after spashdown by O.W. Nasse in August 1969. He was one of a dozen or more veteran Rockwell Space Division workers assigned to Apollo 11's post landing and safety recovery team. This is certified by Ken L. Havekotte.The Presentation comes in a folder that has an original 1969, 3.5 inch, Apollo Decal.

    The presentation has several reports inside, including:

  • NASA Facts, an 8 page, Apollo 11 Mission Facts Report
  • Log of Apollo 11, which has logged reports with timeloggings of major activities
  • An Apollo 11 Spacecraft Command Module Data Sheet,from North American Rockwell
  • A second NASA Facts Report entitled 'What We've Learned About the Moon'
  • This report and original Apollo 11 Decal alone makes for a very interesting keepsake. When you add the generous size Apollo 11 Flown Kapton Foil, this is a very fine and valuable collectible.

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