Apollo 11 Lunar Surface Film Fragment Artifact Pen Set

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Apollo 11 Lunar Surface Film Fragment Artifact Pen Set. 

This collector Pen includes an encapsulated piece of Apollo 11 lunar surface flown film. It is a numbered Edition of 1 of 144 sets.This fine writing instrument presents the ultimate "must-have" for any space and aviation fan.A classy pen with an incorporated flown artifact from some of the most historical spaceflights in history.

    Pen set details:
  • Each set contains a ballpoint pen and a fineliner crafted in solid metal
  • Upper and lower barrel in high gloss lacquer with details in full chrome finish
  • Mission engraved on the middle ring of each pen
  • Encapsulated flown artifact displayed in end cap of each pen
  • Numbered certificate of authenticity with each set
  • Attractive gift box
  • Complimentary notebook
  • Regular replacement cartridges available at any office store
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