APOLLO 7 Kapton Tape 4" x 6" Dual Faced Limited Edition Display

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APOLLO 7 Kapton Tape 4?x 6? Dual Faced Limited Edition DisplayFlown Kapton Tape is From the Jerald B. Wilken Space Collection, Limited Edition of 10.

    APOLLO 7 Acrylic Display Includes:
  • Flown Thermal Tape piece 9/16"x 9/16" Approximately from Command Module CM/101, dual faced graphic in custom Acrylic display 4" X 6" x 3/4? Thick. m/LI>
  • Kapton Tape: Du Pont-made, pressure sensitive Kapton polyimide tape is coated with aluminum and oxidized silicon monoxide. It was the exterior thermal-control coating and was applied over the ablative heat shield of the Apollo CSM spacecraft?s command module.
  • A Certification of Authenticity from the Wilken family will accompany item. Flown Foils are guaranteed genuine and collected by Jerald B. Wilken and offered by the Wilken Family. Jerry Wilken worked for Space Division of NORTH AMERICAN ROCKWELL CORP. Starting in 1962 as an Associate Test Engineer and from 1967 to 1969 was assigned as test conductor for Apollo Post Flight Operations. Display designed and created by hand by Robert Wilken: Certified Limited A7CM101-LMTKT Edition of 10



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