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Mercury Spacecraft Replica
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The inset photo are of the "Mercury seven" astronauts posing with an Atlas model July 12, 1962. L to R: Grissom, Shepard, Carpenter, Schirra, Slayton, Glenn, Cooper. Mercury Spacecraft 1/48 scale Replica Project Mercury was the United States' first manned spaceflight program. It ran from 1959 through 1963 with the goal of putting a man in orbit around the Earth. Early planning and research was carried out by NACA, while the program was officially carried out by the newly created NASA. It was said that the Mercury spacecraft were not ridden, they were worn, because of their extremely small size - at 1.7 cubic metres in volume, the capsule was just large enough for the single crew member. Inside were 120 controls: 55 electrical switches, 30 fuses and 35 mechanical levers. This Mercury Spacecraft Replica is from expert modeler Nick Proach and is 1/48 scale. Please allow 8-10 weeks from the time of order to delivery, as these models are custom made upon ordering. An additional shipping and handling charge of $30 will be added to your order. No discounts will be given on this model and all sales are final.
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Mercury Spacecraft Replica