• MOVA Globes - Earth, Moon & Mars Series 4.5-inch

MOVA Globes - Earth, Moon & Mars Series 4.5-inch

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Available in the US/Canada Only!

The Space Store brings you the Mova Globe Earth, Moon & Mars Series all in one great bundle!

Did you know that Mova Globes won First place in Best New Technology from ARA International Awards Market? Well now you do!

The MOVA Mova Globe Satellite View of Earth, Revolving Moon and Revolving Mars are all powered by solar energy and the earth's magnetic field! The MOVA Globe turns gently and silently inside a clear acrylic shell, no batteries or wires required. Simply place the MOVA globe on its stand and vaula! Your globe will come to life and start to turn when exposed to natural or artificial light. The MOVA globe creates the perfect focal point for any room or office and comes with three finger acrylic base.


  • 3 Beautiful levitating globes
  • Rotates silently on an acrylic base
  • Powered by solar energy and Earth's magnetic field
  • Globes each measure 4.5 inches diam.

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