Apollo 7 'Shakedown Cruise' Complete Set - DVD

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Apollo 7 'Shakedown Cruise' Complete Set - DVD

Apollo 7, the first manned Apollo mission, gave the Apollo CSM a workout in Earth orbit as the first steps in the verification of the lunar hardware. For 11 days the crew fought colds while they put the Apollo spacecraft through a workout, establishing confidence in the machine what would lead directly to the bold decision to send Apollo 8 to the moon just 2 months later. This 2-DVD collection continues the Spacecraft Films tradition of providing you access to the greatest moments in the history of U.S. Space Exploration. You'll see the first live television transmissions from the Apollo spacecraft, experience the preparation and launch of the Saturn IB which boosted the astronauts into orbit, and experience this often forgotten mission as never before.

DISC 1 - ALTITUDE CHAMBER - Footage from altitude chamber runs in the Command Module. CDDT - Footage from the countdown demonstration test. Audio from interview with Don Eisele. PRELAUNCH ALERT - Footage of pad work. Audio from pre-launch and post-launch press conferences with flight management. LAUNCH DAY - Suitup, transfer to pad, ingress. Audio from pre-flight interview with Walt Cunningham. LAUNCH - Multi-angle launch footage.

DISC 2 - All 7 Television Transmissions ABOARD APOLLO VII - Onboard 16mm footage. Audio from post-flight press conference with NASA management. RECOVERY - October 22nd, 1968 in the Atlantic Ocean.

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