Apollo 8 'Leaving The Cradle' Complete Set - DVD

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Apollo 8 'Leaving The Cradle' Complete Set - DVD

The most complete record ever available of this historic mission. This 3-disc set - over 4 hours in all - chronicles America's first manned lunar orbit from launch to splashdown with comprehensive footage from the film and videotape records of Apollo 8. Features the TV downlink including the famous Christmas Eve broadcast, all on-board 16mm films, close-up views of the moon from lunar orbit, multi-angle views of the launch and astronaut commentaries.

    DVD Features:
  • Available Audio Tracks: English (Unknown Format)
  • Region 0 (NTSC format)
  • Complete in-flight television transmissions, including the Christmas Eve Genesis reading
  • Complete 16mm onboard film footage
  • Astronaut commentary from post-flight debriefing
  • Rare onboard voice recordings
  • Spectacular multi-angle launch footage
  • Crew preparation, Saturn V rollout, pad operations, and more!

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