Food in Space - DVD

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Food in Space - DVD

Have you ever wondered how Astronauts do the simple things like eat and go to the bathroom in space? Food In Space will answer these questions and a whole lot more. Join Emmy� Award winning host Jennifer Pulley as she finds out how Astronauts eat, what they eat, and how they train to live in a reduced gravity environment.Food In Space is pure educational fun for adults and kids of all ages. Enjoy rare clips never seen before as Jennifer takes us on a wild ride into space and into the kitchen of the world's best astronauts.

Features and Reviews:

'Food in Space' challenges students to apply science that they?ve learned in the classroom to the real world. After watching 'Food in Space,' my students can see themselves as astronauts, blasting off into space and learning how to live and eat in a new world. 'Food in Space' helps them dream beyond their classroom walls."
Sharon Bowers
NASA Educator in ResidenceVirginia Beach City Public Schools1997 Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Science teaching "What a creative and entertaining way for children to learn about life in space.Entertaining and Funny! The astronauts become "real people" to the children!"
Mary Beth Ryan5th Grade TeacherPembroke Meadows Elementary School.

  • For kids of all ages
  • 36 Minutes Running Time
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