Liftoff! - DVD

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Liftoff! DVD

From the earliest dreams of using rockets to explore space, through today's space transportation system, this unique 2-DVD set brings together an astounding chronicle of success and failure on the launch pad. With new digital transfers of four rare Air Force Documentaries (on the Thor IRBM, Vandenberg, SAC Missiles, and the X-17) and rare footage, this set is an overview of America's success and failure on the launch pad. From the achievement of Robert Goddard and Explorer I to the dissapointment with the spectacular failure of Atlas-Centaur 5 (recognized as possibly the most spectacular Cape blowup), you'll see the greatest successes and the most dismal failures in boosters. Commentary is supplied by one-time SSME/Rocketdyne engineer and now propulsion engineering consultant Dave Mohr.

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