Mission to the Moon - Collector's Edition

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Mission to the Moon - Collector's Edition

The Apollo lunar landing program was a unique technological triumph, requiring thousands of individual efforts brought together to reach a single goal. The 2 DVD set, filled with 10 separate programs, details the individual technological challenges and how they were overcome to reach the moon. Produced for NASA by M.I.T., they are an extraordinarily detailed account of how man first left the Earth to travel to the Moon and return safely home. Over 5 hours of material on 2 DVDs.

Contents:THE FLIGHT OF APOLLO 4 - NASA program on the development of the Saturn V launch vehicle and the successful first flight of the vehicle in November of 1967. Color. (14:30)
FIRST SOFT STEPS - Program takes an in-depth look at the lunar pathfinders, including Ranger, the Lunar Orbiter, and Surveyor missions. These pathfinders built confidence in Apollo design and procedures prior to the first manned visits to an unknown environment. Black and White. (28:30)
FOOD FOR SPACE TRAVELERS - Development of food for space travelers, particularly during the Gemini missons and in preparation for Apollo. Filmed at the U.S. Army labs. Black and White. (28:30)
ROOM AT THE TOP - Program on the Apollo command and service modules, their development, operation and roll in the Apollo moon landings. Filmed at the North American plant at Downey, CA. Includes looks at the the internal configuration and the construction of the hardware. Black and White. (28:30)
COMPUTER FOR APOLLO - Examines the Apollo guidance computer as well as the operation of the computer in conjunction with the navigation scopes in the command module. Shows operation of the DSKY as well as the computer hardware used in Apollo. Filmed in the lab at M.I.T. Black and White. (28:30)
POWER FOR THE MOONSHIP - In-depth look at the fuel cells developed for the Apollo CSM, including a demonstration on how the fuel cell stack is built up, showing the chemical process of power generation and the waste products, including drinking water for the spacecraft. Filmed at Pratt and Whitney. Black and White. (28:30)
LANDING ON THE MOON - Tom Kelly leads a tour of the development of the Grumman lunar module, including an exterior and interior visit, and a comprehensive view of how the lunar lander is built. Filmed at Grumman at Bethpage. Black and White. (28:30)
SUITED FOR SPACE - Covers the development of the suit required to keep the astronauts alive as they explored the moon. Black and White. (28:30)
SPACE MEDICINE - Filmed at Johnson Space Center, Houston, this program deals with the physiological concerns of human space travel, especially as it relates to the lunar missions. Includes demonstration of a variety of results from previous flights as well as studies being conducted on space medicine. Black and White. (28:30)
RETURNING FROM THE MOON - Speeds returning from a lunar mission required massive protection of the command module from the heat of entering the Earth's atmosphere. Filmed at Langley and at AVCO, the contractor for the Apollo heatshield, the construction of the heatshield is demonstrated, including subjecting a sample to a hot jet, demonstration of the honeycomb bonding to the spacecraft as well as the shooting of the resin ablator into the honeycomb with a "gun." Also examined is the testing of splashdown and possible land impact. Black and White. (28:30)

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