NASA Patches

NASA Patches

The Space Store stocks a large variety of space mission patches, just like those worn by astronauts on the real missions. These patches can either be sewn onto clothing, or kept for display. Whether you’re looking for patches to put on display, or to make your very own astronaut suit, we have a large selection of high quality Apollo, Gemini, Mercury, Space Shuttle (STS) Mission  patches as well as many other program patches. If you’re making your own spacesuit, an essential buy is the nasa vector logo patch.

Everyone has heard of the famous Apollo 11 mission, crewed by Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and the lesser known but equally important Michael Collins, so why not take the opportunity to own a piece of history with an Apollo 11 Mission Patch? If you’re still hungry for some iconic mission patches, how about the STS-107 Patch and ‘In Memory’ Patch.

We also stock a large variety of different space program patches, not just the Apollo and Shuttle Missions. Available are a series of mission patches to identify the roles of crew members, such as pilot and mission specialist patches.

If you’re looking to expand your space exploration horizons, why not check out some of our international space patches? We have a wide array of ESA (European Space Agency) patches, Russian Cosmonaut patches, Chinese and Japanese Patches, and a little closer to home, Canadian Space agency patches.

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