STS-61A Mission Patch

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STS-61 -- A D-1 Spacelab mission (first German-dedicated Spacelab) 10/30/1985 11/06/1985 22nd Space Shuttle Mission9th Flight of Challenger Crew:Henry W. Hartsfield, Jr., CommanderSteven R. Nagel, PilotJames F. Buchli, Mission SpecialistGuion S. Bluford, Jr., Mission SpecialistBonnie J. Dunbar, Mission SpecialistReinhard Furrer, Payload SpecialistErnst Messerschmid, Payload SpecialistWubbo J. Ockels, Payload Specialist The mission was dedicated to the (West) German Spacelab D-1 laboratory, which included 75 numbered experiments. Experiments centered around basic and applied microgravity research in materials science, life science and technology, communications and navigation.

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