STS-73 Mission Patch

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STS-73 United States Microgravity Laboratory - 2 (USML-2) 10/20/1995 11/05/199572nd Space Shuttle Mission18th Flight of Columbia Crew:Kenneth D. Bowersox, CommanderKent V. Rominger, PilotKathryn C. Thornton, Payload CommanderCatherine G. Coleman, Science Mission SpecialistMichael E. Lopez-Alegria, Mission SpecialistFred W. Leslie, Payload SpecialistAlbert Sacco, Jr., Payload Specialist This was the second flight of the U.S. Microgravity Laboratory (USML-2), building upon the scientific observations of USML-1 flown during STS-50. Both USML operations were performed inside the orbiter's Spacelab module housed in the payload bay.

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