STS-90 Mission Patch

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STS-90 Final Spacelab mission 04/17/1998 05/03/1998 90th Space Shuttle Mission25th Flight of Columbia Crew:Richard A. Searfoss, CommanderScott D. Altman, PilotRichard M. Linnehan, Payload Commander and Mission SpecialistDafydd Rhys Williams, Mission Specialist, Canadian Space AgencyKathryn P. Hire, Mission SpecialistJay C. Buckey, Payload SpecialistJames A. Pawelczyk, Payload Specialist This marked the final flight of the Spacelab pressurized laboratory module housed in the Space Shuttle payload bay. For this mission, the Spacelab module was configured as "Neurolab", named in honor of dedicated research on the nervous system.

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