STS-103 Mission Patch

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STS-103 Hubble Space Telescope repair - 3A 12/19/1999 12/27/1999 96th Space Shuttle Mission27th Flight of DiscoveryCrew:Curtis L. Brown, Jr., CommanderScott J. Kelly, PilotSteven L. Smith, Payload CommanderC. Michael Foale, Mission SpecialistJohn M. Grunsfeld, Mission SpecialistClaude Nicollier, Mission Specialist, European Space AgencyJean-Francois Clervoy, Mission Specialist, European Space AgencySTS-103 marked the third Space Shuttle mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). A rendezvous and grapple of HST was completed on December 21, 1999. This was followed by three spacewalks to service HST.

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