Dog Crew II Space Shuttle STS 69 Patch

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Astronaut Dave Walker okayed this patch for STS-69 much to the chagrin of NASA! The Dog Crew first surfaced during STS-53 with the Commander of that mission, Navy Captain Walker, better known through his years of military service as ?Red Dog.? The pack of flight controllers, astronaut trainers, and astronauts involved in that mission eventually became known as the ?Dogs of War? and the first ?Dog Crew? was born. Walker and Jim "Dog Face" Voss, together again on STS-69, put together the Dog Crew II. Rounding out the rest of that pack was shuttle pilot Kenneth ?Cujo? Cockrell; mission specialist James ?Pluto? Newman; and mission specialist Michael ?Underdog? Gernhardt. 4 1/4" x 2 3/4"

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