STS-41D Mission Patch

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12th Space Shuttle Mission1st Flight of Discovery Crew:Henry W. Hartsfield, Jr., CommanderMichael L. Coats, PilotJudith A. Resnik, Mission SpecialistRichard M. Mullane, Mission SpecialistSteven A. Hawley, Mission SpecialistCharles D. Walker, Mission Specialist Three satellites were deployed, including the Satellite Business Systems SBS-D, SYNCOM IV-2 (also called LEASAT 2) and TELSTAR. The 102-foot-tall, 13-foot-wide Office of Application and Space Technology-1 (OAST-1) solar wing was unfolded from the payload bay. The wing carried different types of solar cells and was extended to its full height several times. It demonstrated that large, lightweight solar arrays were feasible for future use in space station applications.

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