NASA & Space Models

NASA & Space Models

Here at the space store we stock an extensive range of NASA model rockets from all space missions. The models we provide are replica spacecrafts from famous programs including Apollo, Mercury & Gemini, the space crafts that flew NASA astronauts into orbit, such as the Dragon and Saturn V space shuttle (one of NASA's very first rocket to be launched). As you may or may not know the Saturn rocket is still hold records for the largest payload the heaviest payload launched and largest payload capacity to low Earth orbit.

We also stock NASA models that replicate the International Space Station (ISS) and you can get them in 1/400, 1/144 and 1/200 scale therefore you get a variety of sizes to choose from.

If you are more creative and would like to create one of these space rocket models from scratch, we provide a range of kits for you to have a go at building your very own rocket.

Imagine that you can build your very own Apollo command module or lunar excursion model with the lander! Creating a NASA rocket from scratch can be a great activity to do with the children and it also gives you the opportunity to tell them about the rockets you grew up watching on TV for example, the Voyager, Orion, Apollo-Soyuz and Delta space crafts.

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