4D Vision Space Shuttle 1:72 Scale - Model Kit

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4D Vision Space Shuttle 1:72 Scale Model Kit

This model kit is of unmatched quality in its class!Our new "4D Vision Vehicle Cut Model" of NASA's Space Shuttle, has 143 detailed and finished pieces that you can install and remove. The model also features clear panels, so you can see all the high-tech inner workings of the Shuttle. The model also has many movable features, such as landing gear that can extend and retract with working gear doors, opening and closing payload bay doors, a movable robot arm, and a swivel stand to mount the Shuttle on. All the parts easily snap together, so there's no gluing necessary. Includes engine detail as well as cockpit, space lab, and other compartmental detail. A great way to learn about the most complex machine ever built! Features:
  • 143 highly detailed, easy snap together parts
  • 1:72 scale; 20 inches
  • Includes 5 detailed figures
  • Transparent parts for visable internal structures
  • Cutaway deign in Engine and Wings
  • Full articulated S.R.M.S. Robot Arm
  • Functional Landing Gears
  • For ages 14 and up

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