1/72 Apollo and Soyuz ASTP (Apollo-Soyuz Test Project)

The long awaited, and highly anticipated, 2 piece, die-cast, Model Set is now here!!1:72 Scale Length Width North American Apollo CSM 6" 2.25" Korolyov Soyuz Spacecraft 4.25" 1.5" The Apollo-Soyuz Test Project flew in July 1975. It was the last Apollo mission, the first joint U.S./Soviet space flight, and the last manned US space mission until the first Space Shuttle flight in April 1981. Though the mission included both joint and separate scientific experiments (including an engineered eclipse of the Sun by Apollo for Soyuz to take photographs of the solar corona) and provided useful engineering experience for future joint US/Russian space flights such as the Shuttle-Mir Program and the International Space Station, its primary purpose was symbolic. ASTP was a symbol that the two superpowers were pursuing at the time, and it ended the tension of the Space Race.This historic moment in space is the subject of a new 1/72 scale model in Dragons Space Collection. The fully finished model is highly detailed, and it shows the two spacecraft docked as they orbit the Earth. In fact, the miniature is made even more special by the fact that this is the first Soyuz craft in Dragons range. Its appearance, as well as that of new-tooled Apollo 18, is accurately depicted. Commemorate this historic space event with this 1/72 scale Apollo-Soyuz double act!

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1/72 Apollo and Soyuz ASTP (Apollo-Soyuz Test Project) - Model

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