ARES I and V Launch Vehicle Models

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Ares I and V Launch Vehicle Models

Ares I is the crew launch vehicle being developed by NASA as a component of Constellation Program. NASA plans to use Ares I to launch Orion, the spacecraft being designed for NASA human spaceflight missions after the Space Shuttle is retired in 2010. Ares I was previously known as the Crew Launch Vehicle or CLV. Ares I will complement the larger, unmanned Ares V, which is the cargo launch vehicle for Constellation. The Ares V is being designed as a heavy-launch vehicle capable of sending large-scale hardware and materials to the Moon and supplying needed staples to sustain a human presence beyond Earth orbit.[1] Ares V is a two-stage rocket: the first stage utilizes both solid and liquid propulsion with the second stage using a single J-2X rocket engine.These models are mastered in Canada at our main workshop in Sechelt by Nick Proach himself and molded and assembled in the Philippines is this 1/200 desktop set of the the backbone of the Constellation Program, the Ares I and Ares V rockets. The Ares I stands almost 24 inches tall; Ares V 30 inches tall., and both are packed with detail. The ARES models I and V are presented on a laquered black base.

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