STS-117 Mission Sticker

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STS-117 Mission Sticker.

The crew of STS-117 will install a new truss segment, unfurl new solar arrays and fold up an old one. The is a very complex construction operation and is similar to the previous two shuttle mission to the International Space Station.

The STS-117 Crew Patch symbolizes the continued construction of the International Space Station and our ongoing human presence in space. The ISS is shown orbiting high above the Earth. Yellow is used to highlight the portion of the ISS that will be installed by the STS-117 crew. It consists of the second and third starboard truss sections, S3/S4 and the third set of solar arrays. The names of the STS-117 crew are located above and below the orbiting outpost.The two gold Astronaut Office symbols, emanating from the '117' at the bottom of the patch, represent the concerted efforts of the Shuttle and Station programs toward the completion of the International Space Station. The Orbiter and unfurled banner of red, white, and blue represent our Nation's renewed patriotism as we continue to explore the universe.

  • Launch: June 8, 2007
  • Land: June 8, 2007
  • Vehicle: Atlantis


  • Commander: Frederick Sturckow,
  • Pilot: Lee Archambault
  • Mission Specialist: James Reilly II, PhD
  • Mission Specialist: Patrick Forrester
  • Mission Specialist: Steven Swanson, PhD
  • Mission Specialist: John D. Olivas, PhD 
  • Mission Specialist: Clayton C. Anderson


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