One Meter Inflatable 'EarthBall'

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One Meter Inflatable 'EarthBall'

This is truly a photorealistic EarthBall! The EarthBall is made from thousands of NASA satellite images of Earth from space. The city centers glow in the dark when the EarthBall is held up near a bright light for 2-3 minutes. The EarthBall is packaged with a terrific "Global Handbook," a sixteen-page booklet with facts, activities, inspiration, and resources about our planet.Perfect for classrooms, presentations, concerts & parades, the One meter EarthBall is a beautiful and powerful reminder of the world we all share.

  • Original Orbis/NASA Digital Globe
  • Cities Glow in the Dark, after being exposed to light!
  • 40" Diameter Replica
  • Comes with 16 page informative Handbook!

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