Flying SpaceX F9 Model Rocket

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Flying SpaceX F9 Model Rocket

You can now build and fly your own 1:88 scale model Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft into low-Earth atmosphere. The model comes with molded nose and tail, full-color preprinted body tube, and full-color sticker for Dragon.The finished model stands 58 centimeters (22.8 inches) tall. No painting required. The kit includes molded transparent fins for flight that can be removed for display. Dual parachutes return the Falcon 9 and Dragon spacecraft separately to Earth, ready to launch again once you replace the rocket engine. REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY: (not included): Scissors, adhesive tape, white glue, epoxy glue (5-minute type), coffee stirrers or similar to mix and apply epoxy, sheet of printer paper (either A4 or 8.5 x 11 in).REQUIRED FOR FLIGHT: (not included): Model rocket engines (recommended B6-4 or C6-5, but not A8-3), engine igniters, flameproof recovery wadding, launch system.


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