Apollo 12 Flown-in-Space piece of actual Heatshield Presentation

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Apollo 12 Flown Heatshield Presentation

8''x8'' Presentation

This certified authentic artifact presentation houses a piece of Heatshield from the Apollo 12 mission. The image shows Astronaut Alan L. Bean, lunar module pilot, traverses with the two sub packages of the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package during the first Apollo 12 extravehicular activity. Bean deployed the ALSEP components 300 feet from the Lunar Module. The LM and deployed erectable S-band antenna can be seen in the background. The Heatshield was sourced from Threehook Aviation.

    The Presentation Includes:

  • Flown Piece of Heatshield from Apollo 12
  • Interesting Fact Sheet about Apollo 12
  • Copy of the Threehook Aviation Certificate of Authenticity
  • Printed on original glossy Fuji Crystal Archive Photo Paper�


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