Apollo 8 Flown-in-Space Thermal Foil Tape Presentation

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Apollo 8 Flown Thermal Foil Tape Presentation

8''x8'' Presentation

This certified, authentic presentation houses a piece of Thermal Foil Tape from the Apollo 8 mission. The image shows an oblique view from the Apollo 8 spacecraft looking eastward across the lunar surface from about 115 degrees east longitude to the horizon near 180 degrees east longitude. The crater Tsiolkovsky in the center of the picture is 150 kilometers wide and is located at 129 degrees east longitude and 21 degrees south latitude. While in lunar orbit, Apollo 8 moved toward the camera position over the terrain along the left (north) side of this photograph. The Thermal Foil Tape was sourced from Threehook Aviation.

    The Presentation Includes:
  • Flown Piece of Thermal Foil Tape from Apollo 8
  • Interesting Fact Sheet about Apollo 8
  • Copy of the Threehook Aviation Certificate of Authenticity
  • Printed on original glossy Fuji Crystal Archive Photo Paper


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