Gemini 10 Flown Heatshield

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During Gemini 10 piloted by Mike Collins and John Young an Agena target was used as a propulsion unit following docking. Collins performed two EVAs where he was able to touch the Agena rocket and retrieve a micrometeorite detector.This presentation bears a fragment of the flown Gemini 10 heatshield and comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity plus a fact sheet about GT-10. The source of this heatshield fragment was a larger block of heatshield encased into lucite as a presentation piece given to VIP's and NASA workers as recognition for their work in the space program.

Your presentation package includes :
  • 8x10 color glossy presentation - ready to mat and frame
  • Flown fragment of Gemini 10 heatshield
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Attractive Gemini 10 fact sheet with interesting facts about the mission

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